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Friday, May 05, 2006 


Starting balance: $2,250.00
Ending Balance: $2,190.00

Not much to talk about today. Played a $10 MTT, $30 MTT, and a turbo $10 MTT last night, none of which had the result I was looking for. Just a blah night poker wise. Never really found the cards to work with and really didn't take advantage of position as I should have.

Life goes on. Today is a new day, blah blah blah. The plan for this evening will not really revolve around poker. Being cinco de mayo, I feel inclined to pay tribute to Mr. Mayo and enjoy a refreshing adult beverage or two at casa de Chili's. I'm not quite sure if it'll be a late night just yet though. I'll know more as the day progresses.

Weekend Plans...
Aside from working in the yard and watering the hell out of my sod, I do plan on focusing on WSOP satellites and gaining an entry in to this weeks $200 at pokerstars. Time to get this damn WSOP package in hand and be done with it! Grrrr.


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