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Tuesday, May 16, 2006 

Last Night's Wrap Up...

Last night’s play was nothing to write home about. Played in a $20 180 person max multi table tournament and was busted by donkeys. That’s how it goes. I didn’t let this deter me though. Played in several smaller 6 man sit n go’s and did fairly well. As a result, I remain even.

Tonight’s Plan…
I’m not sure how tonight will pan out. I have a softball game at 8:30 which is an unusually late start time compared to our normal 5:30 start time. Somewhat poor weather today as well. Not sure if the game will take place. If it’s cancelled I plan on getting involved with a few satellites tonight. If the game takes place, I won’t arrive home until close to 10pm. If that’s the case, I only foresee a few sit n go’s in my future tonight. We shall see.

Pending Announcement…
I’ve been working on a deal that will bring my writing to a new audience. The details are finalized and the plan is in motion. I hope to announce later today exactly what this will entail.

More to follow…

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