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Wednesday, May 10, 2006 

What Would You Do? Part 2

Starting Balance: $2,009.00
Ending Balance: $1,752.00

Before we get in to yesterday's scenario, would someone please tell me to get my head out of my ass? Last night's play was horrible on my part. I truly stank. Not even going to bother over analyzing it. I just played very poorly.

One concept I'm digging in to today though, despite my commitment not to over analyze last night's play, is the thought that perhaps I become a loose cannon when my bankroll increases. When I'm struggling financially I play an entirely different game. I can practice the patience speech I give far easier when I have more riding on the line. When I have a bankroll, I convince myself that 10 J suited is worth calling an extra few chips.

Today's Goal?
Remove head from ass and proceed with caution.

What Would You Do? Part 2
To pick up where I left off yesterday, the big blind checks to me, I'm committed. Ace on the board and I'm sitting there with AK. At this point, I'm thinking happy thoughts and decide to push the remainder of my 4k in chips. Immediately the big blind calls. The time it takes for a caller to show their cards on PokerStars is almost instantaneous, however, even before the cards are shown, I see my worst fear is about to come true. Sure enough, he reveals AA. Game Over.

No happy ending this time around. I was certainly frustrated with the outcome, but in hindsight, I did the right thing. I can feel good about horrible outcomes if I can properly justify my steps. I really do not believe I would have played this hand any differently.

Thanks for the few comments yesterday with a special thanks to Paul for stopping by. Please check out his blog as he documents his decision to make a living playing poker. Good stuff.

Take care,

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