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Tuesday, May 09, 2006 

What Would You Do? Part 1

Starting balance: $1,995.00
Ending Balance: $2,009.00

First things first, I didn't lose last night! So, things must be looking up, right? mumble mumble

Okay, so here's the deal. Going to pose a scenario and let you stew on it.

You're playing in a $20 multi table tournament with a 180 person maximum. Through the duration of the tournament you're doing fairly well. Not really big stacked, not really short stacked. You're playing just below the individual chip average. You end up on a decent run without about 30 people left putting you in a good position to make the money. 18 places pay out. You slow things down a tad and await your hands. Your 10k in chips are now down to around 8.5k with blinds eating away. Time goes on and you take note that there are 19 people left. One more and you're in the money. You're two behind the button and you're dealt AK suited. At this point, everyone is folding to any bet in hopes of the money. Two calls to the big blind in front of you, you raise a considerable amount hoping to scoop up some chips. Big blind calls. Two others fold. Flop comes A 10 6 rainbow. Big blind checks to you.
You now have 4k in chips to work with. What would you do?

Would love to hear your thoughts...

how is that not the easiest push in the world. You have like less chips than the size of the pot?????

I think I'd agree at that point with the previous comment. The flop helped you; it could have helped him to, but there's simply no way to know for certain.

On the bubble, almost in the money, you're pot committed at the river, so go for it.

Let us know what happened...

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