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Wednesday, May 17, 2006 

A Billion Hands Later...

Last Night's Recap...
Not much to recount on the poker front last night. I didn't get home from softball until 10pm. By the time I ate dinner and sat down, I only had time for a few sit n go's. Ended up even for the night. Got a little interesting when PokerStars announced a milestone hand was to take place last night. They're currently promoting their 5 billionth hand and are giving away significant cash prizes. So, when they announced last night one of these hands was to take place in the next few minutes, I quickly bought in on 8 no limit tables for minimal amounts. Let me just say, it is far from easy managing 9 separate tables on one laptop. Strangely enough, I didn't loose any money but it was quite the multi tasking event. In any event, I was not on the table that counted.

Tonight's Plan...
I hope to play some quality poker tonight. That's it. I'm not putting any large expectations on tonight play. I simply want to sit down without interruptions and play my game. I have no set plan as to what I will play. Profit will be the main goal.

Looks like I should have a clear path at some point today which will allow me to bring this information to the masses. All 3 of you! Cough. Anyway, as soon as I get clearance, I'll share the details.

Until we meet again,

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