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Wednesday, May 31, 2006 

KK vs. AJ...you be the judge!

Mini Rant...
I realize this may come across as bitching and moaning...but I find it therapeutic, so bear with me. 

Playing in a $20 180 person max multi table tournament last night.  I was doing rather well throughout and soon enough found myself 2 away from the money with 10,000 in chips.  I'm in late position, an early position player has been throwing a lot of action around for the last ten minutes and it's working out for him.  He's now about even stacked with me.  He's first to act, and goes all in.  He's been making similar plays with QJ, A10, etc.  However, he has yet to risk his entire stack.  He makes the all in push and everyone folds to me on the button.  I have KK.  I hem and haw and really ask myself "how can I lay this down?".  For most I'm sure this is a no brainer, make the call, double up to 20k and change.  But that little voice in my head is screaming "DON'T DO IT!!!". 

So, I make the call.  I just couldn't get away from it.  10 10, JJ, or even QQ I think I could have laid it down.  But I chose to play my KK.  Her turns over AJ of clubs.  I was a little dumbfounded with him risking his entire stack in early position with AJ.  Granted, I like the hand myself, but not THAT much.  Long story short, an A hits on the flop. 

Somehow I managed to control my rage this time.  I blame the Tylenol PM I took about 20 minutes earlier.  I feel I made the right play in that had it worked out in my favor, I would have been in a great position to take it deep in to the money.  Play to win, right?  So, what do you think?  Would you have played it any differently?

All in all...
All in all I did okay last night.  Yeah, that beat knocked the wind out of me but I placed first and second in back to back sit n go's, so I wasn't damaged financially.  Tonight I really want to take a stab at a WSOP satellite.  I'm starting to get fidgety about the WSOP coming up so quickly.  I would feel much more at ease having my seat already secured.  Gotta get crackin' on it!

Until next time,

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I'm running into this alot in the sit-n-goes, especially the turbos. I'm hating calling with KK and QQ in late position because I know there's a 3-outer in front of me and for some reason, I KNOW they'll hit it. I still make the call because I have to, but sheesh...

I can see pushing with any ace when you're short-stacked in the later stages, loosening that push requirement the shorter you get or the better your position. But middle stacks pushing UTG with A5 and A6 are dring me batty.

And, yes, I'm running bad right now. Can you tell? ;-)

BSN-I so feel your pain! Why a healty stack would make this move just boggles my mind.

Just found your blog. I'll check it out tonight. Good luck at the tables!

Play much around town?

I just moved here about 6 weeks ago. Been to the track a few times over the years while visiting, but I'm taking a break from live play until i find a job.

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