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Saturday, June 03, 2006 

PokerSavvy.com Blog Tournament Coverage

Welcome poker fans to today’s coverage on the PokerSavvy.com Blog Tournament offering a $500 freeroll over at Titan Poker. With 11 minutes until game time…we’re looking at a 150 plus player field…which is somewhat mind boggling considering the last time around, I think there were 40 of us or so. More the merrier I suppose…just not sure where the head count came from.

I’m going to try and report as much as possible all while trying to whoop everyone’s behinds. However, I’m very anxious to meet and greet.

Good luck everyone!
Shuffle up and deal as they say…

Wow…not exactly easy to pull up 15 tables and introduce yourself. Heh

163 entrants, now that’s impressive.

Bouncing from table to table looking for some action and spreading the love. Whew. If I missed anyone’s table…let me apologize now. Although, by the looks of my cards, I’m not missing much at my own

17 minutes in and we already have some movers and shakers. Heading up the pack are escu102000 w/ 4540 in chips, TTR43365735 w/ 4520 in chips, and elfsim w/ 4500 in chips.

I think Titan just got mad at me. Disconnected me. Far too many tables open I suppose.

20 minutes in and I find AK unsuited. Make a good raise and find 5 callers. Going to be one of them tournaments. I hit my ace on the flop and bet the pot resulting in everyone folding. 1880 in chips.

Looking in on a table here and see MunichAgent pushing his huge stack all in every chance he gets. Yeesh. Nice call xROCKx with your better kicker. We have a new chip leader. xROCKx is sitting pretty with 8320 in chips…and we’re only 30 minutes in.

Uh oh…pocket nines for myself…my nemesis hand. Got me knocked out of last years WSOP main event…I tend to be gun shy these days every time I see them. Okay…everyone folded to my raise. False alarm.

Ran in to TTR39936102 on my table…better known as Vince on the forums and an avid blogger. Was great meeting you Vince…

So, pocket jacks are dealt to me, I make a decent raise, and am not only am I called…I’m reraised…came this far, I push all in…4 damn callers. WTF. A rag A rag 99 and something else. JJ holds up and now find myself with 7070 chips. What a roller coaster that hand was. Sitting here in 3rd place.

Haven taken a quick tour around the tables, its fair to say people have a certain mind set today. There is some ACTION going down!

Okay…Chinese food just showed up. Mini food break.

So, after our first break we’re looking at 59 players remaining with kabezaaa in first place w/ 13000 chips. Impressive. I’m hanging in there with 5290 in chips.

On to my fourth table. On this table I find Yetti831 to my direct left with quite the stack. Nice meeting you today Yetti! TheMeaneGene to my direct right predicts a win on his part. I look forward to seeing him heads up when it’s all said and done! And I hope I spelled it right…as requested, heh.

Current leaders 1 hour 10 minutes in: da206area, escu102000, and upieddu. All right around 16k in chips.

Note to self…check out Mansion Poker. Hearing good things on the tables from Yeti about this site. Few others were talking about it earlier as well.

Hour and a half in and only 30 people left. This field is dwindling quick! Pupieddu currently holds top spot with 20280k in chips. Very nice.

Haven’t seen a hand to play in some time. 3240 in chips and needing to make a move. Escue102000 at my tables is doing quite well with 15k in chips. Lot of raising and folding going on. Make that 21k in chips, sigh. Okay 25k. STOP!!!!!

Made a push against escu102000 with my A7d only to see his AJ. Got me with his kickers. And away I go. Glad I could make escu chip leader, lol.

NH uHoOitZstizz…pocket aces held up making him our new chip leader with 31600k in chips.

NH Yetti with your straight against the chip leader. Enjoy your 20k in chips. Very nice play.

We’re down to the final two tables and the action is hot. Lot of rasing in position. However, some great play going on.

JJ was very nice for Zenjuk as he made a push. One caller.

AA against KK on table 2…escu makes out big with his AA holding up.

Tables are now on break with 17 players left. Beterman1 is hanging in there with 10 chips. Comeback miracle maybe? We’ll see. Escu is still our chip leader with a commanding 45k in chips. Not too shabby!

Beterman just quadrupled up with QQ…nice! Up to 50 chips. I’m rooting for ya!

Beterman knocked out on the bubble. Damn.

Congrats to the final 15! Impressive play.

Yeti and uHooitzstizz just got in to a big pot resulting in uHooitzstizz taking the chip lead away from escu.

We’re down to the final table and the action is hot. Some very good hands popping up. AK against pp’s left and right. Here’s how things are looking:

uHoOitZstizz 86k
pupieddu 35k
bogdy 27k
DOXA24 21k
Zenjuk 21k
Yetti831 15k
Takethepot25 9k
Eternauta1 5k
Tgm324 3k

Yeti just made a huge move to 2nd place now holding 35k in chips. Nice job!

Eternauta eliminated in 10th place.
Tgm324 eliminated in 9th place.
BB special for pupieddu with his 52 suited. Turn bringing him 2 pair. NH.

Da206area eliminated in 8th place.
SOXA24 Eliminated in 7th place with his AJ suited going against big stack pupieddu with his AA.

At this stage, with 6 players left, we’re looking at 3k 6k blinds…and it’s really a lottery with everyone pushing all in every hand. Yetti’s playing a good game though, I’m thinking he might strike when the time is right and take 1st place. We’ll see.

Bogdy eliminated in 6th place with his pocket 3’s sucked out on the river with an A for uHooitzstizz.

Zenjuk eliminated in 5th place. $25 cashed. WTG.

Yetti bluffs all in w/ A3 against AQ. 3 on the river doubles him up to 75k. Very nice hand. Heh. Fun to watch.

Takethepot25 eliminated in 4th place against uho0itzstizz’s pocket J’s. Could your name be any more difficult to spell out? Jesus.

Yetti now in 1st place followed by uhooit however you spell it with 81k. Heads up. Pupieddu just busted out as I was writing this. Great game pup!

Yetti vs uHooitzstizz…both very close in chips with over 100k. Back and forth. Both waiting on a hand. Yetti making a move, call. Big bet on the river by uhooitz…yeti thinking, fold. Big pot goes to uhooit. 2 to 1 lead now.

Yetti’s hanging in there though. Back up to 90k. Yetti has just requested I not document this play…lol.

uHooit takes a commanding lead with aggressive betting. Yetti needing to make a move here. 50k left. Blinks 4k 8k.

Yetti doubles up yet again…back to 80k with his golden 10 on the flop.

Yetti hits a boat and doubles up yet again and takes the lead with his J6 against KK. Yeesh.

Uhooit’s hanging in there though. Back up to 70k.

Now we’re even stacked. It’s getting good!

Yetti pushes with A10 and it holds up. Next hand AA wins Yeti the tournament!

What a crazy final table. The blinds were just dictating the fierce play. Very very fun to watch though. A special thank you to PokerSavvy for putting this on. Nice work! This was a privilege to take part in.

With that…I’m going to eat a banana split and play some poker on Stars. Good luck everyone!


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