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Wednesday, June 07, 2006 

Consistent Inconsistencies

Someone really needs to explain to me how it is with 1010, JJ, QQ I always find myself all in against AK.  And every time these past few days, AK hits.  However, if I find myself all in with AK against 1010, JJ, QQ, I never hit!  I realize I'm just being stupid, but the past two days have been horribly filled with this scenario over and over again.  Monday, I lost my entire stack with KK 3 times in 3 separate tournaments.  Yesterday, JJ just would not hold.

I realize I'm just bitching and moaning.  The hard truth is, I'm playing good hands far too aggressively.  If I would take my own advice and not put my entire stack on the line every time one of these hands comes along, I might be dangerous.

No news to report from yesterdays play other than consistent inconsistencies.  I need to tighten up this evening and get back to my game!

More to follow,

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