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Wednesday, June 07, 2006 

2006 World Series of Poker Bracelet Unveiled

As everyone knows...I'm doing whatever I can to get to this years World Series of Poker.  With an estimated $10 million going to the first place finisher at the main event...who the hell wouldn't want to participate.  With all that cash, glory, and fame...for the true, serious poker player...the following just seals the deal.

2006 World Series of Poker Bracelet Unveiled
With $10 Million, I could buy a helluva lot of bracelets, but really, you could take the prize money away and I would play just as hard, and with just as much passion playing for this bracelet.  Check this thing out...

"The winner of the $10,000 Championship Event, in addition to the
estimated $10 million first place bounty, will also have a specially
created bracelet to add to his (or her) jewelry collection. The
Champion's bracelet will be created from 14-karat white and yellow gold
with full cut diamonds. The plaque that is the centerpiece of the
bracelet will have 170 hand picked diamonds weighing in at six carats.
Each suit that is displayed under the World Series logo will also have
special attention, as they will be created from jewels (a heart shaped
ruby, a princess cut ruby for diamonds, a black sapphire for the spades
and three round black diamonds for clubs) that will separate the World
Champion's bracelet from the others. Holding this together will be a
solid diamond cut rope chain that weighs in at almost sixty grams."

Anyhoo...just wanted to share.  I read this article tonight and just got lost in the "what if's".

Good luck at the tables!

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