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Friday, June 09, 2006 

2nd Place Finish...

Loose as a Goose...
So, I ended up taking 2nd place last night in the
local tournament I was previously talking about.  I think this was needed and
will greatly boost my momentum going in to the weekend.  It's really funny how
used you get to online play.  Sitting in a live tournament, you really have to
remind yourself to be patient and wait for your hands.  Action is just so
incredibly slow.  You also have to remind yourself that the quality of
tournament is directly in line with the buy-in and the host.  Meaning, you get
what you pay for.  Last nights tournament consisted of people doing shots,
drinking vast amounts of beer, and shitty dealers.  I have no problems with the
loose atmosphere, but one thing that annoyed me something fierce; my dealer
bought his wife in to the game who was also sitting at his table.  Every
frickin' hand he would look at her discarded cards and give her looks.  This guy
is familiar with my play and knew my general habits and literally starting
getting upset with her when I pushed her out of a pot, or won a pot from her. 
As loose as this tournament was, I found this to be unacceptable.

that's the extent of my bitching about it.  All in all, can't complain about a
2nd place finish other than not finishing 1st.  I plan on taking that momentum
and pushing in to the weekend.  I want to focus on satellites for this weeks $1
million tourney on Stars along with WSOP seats.  Hopefully we can make something

Good luck at the tables!

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What that dealer did was completely unacceptable. At least in my opinion.

Did you talk to the tourney management about it?

Being that the tourney was run at a "home game", I felt it was probably best I not make waves the same night I was cashing. Being that I'm in touch with the host all the time, figure I'll make mention to him directly in a few days. Still pissy about it though...grrrr.

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