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Sunday, June 18, 2006 

Father's Day Poker Bloggin Extravaganza

So here it is, a rainy Sunday Father's day here in Jacksonville Florida and I'm rearing to go in the Blogger Championship at PokerStars.com. Game just started and as suspected, 5 out of the 9 players are sitting out. So, the intent will be to take advantage of that fact and gain some chippys.

This will very likely turn in to a Hodge Podge of a post but oh well...

First things first, Happy Father's Day to my Dad, I love ya! And of course a Happy Father's Day to all you poker playing dad's out there.

Weekend Highlights...
Didn't really have much opportunity to play poker until yesterday evening. Played a small amount Friday night but didn't really make or loose anything. Saturday my wife and I joined several family members and headed south. Instead of weekend beach going activities, we went to a place called Salt Springs about an hour or so south of Jacksonville. Was a very relaxing day and much needed after the long week. Had fun seeing as much wildlife as we did. With quite a few people at the source of this spring, I was very surprised that people were swimming right along side alligators. Now, I'm still a Yankee at heart and swimming with a gator is about the last thing I would consider putting on my "to do" list. But swim with a gator I did. He was just lounging there minding his own business. We were as close as 3 feet away from him. Just very surreal.

Anyhoo, this spring was neat in that along with the gator, we frolicked with river otters and huge mullet that jumped 5 feet in to the air just for the hell of it. And while there were was plenty of entertainment in the water, there were Eagles perched right atop of us. I'm used to seeing my fair share of wildlife here in Florida, but it was just very odd for me to see that many variations that up close and personal. Hell, never even seen an otter before let alone swim with one. Odd enough to cause me to write about it in a poker blog I guess.
After such a leisurely day, getting home and playing some poker was the pristine situation. My wife went to the movies with my Sister, so I had some peace and quiet on the home front aside from the dogs. I played in 3 separate tournaments last night with one resulting in a decent result.

  • My $20 sng ended fairly quickly.
  • The $3 rebuy for entry to the 1 million stars tourney was going extremely well. I ended deep, but just shy of the money. Being a lower buy in, the payout was only provided to the top 20 out of several hundred entrants. Played it mainly to pass time, but started increasing my stack with several key hands. But in the end, I went out around 50th.
  • And then there's the $10 MTT I take part in most evenings at 7:45. Depending on the field, 1st place ranges between 2500 and 4000. I've had decent luck with this tournament. Made it to the final table last night and was really set for a top 3 finish. However, I ended up over playing A9 suited and found myself against A10 with no help from the board. So, I walked away with an 8th place finish out of some 2000 people or so.

Overall, I was happy with my play last night. After the past week or two, last night was long overdue. Granted, I didn't restore my entire bankroll, but it certainly helped the confidence factor. Hope to turn that in to profit with my tournaments today.

I took note of several key hands last night I hope to have time to comment on today. After such a horrible rut, when flops just seem to hit and you win your races, I felt compelled to document such oddities.

Back to the blogger action...
Still on my first table and a few have returned from sitting out. Micon two to my left from Neverwinpoker.com. Good to see him. As I'm writing this, he pushes all in and I see AK suited. I call. He shows AJ with no help from the board. Sorry Micon...sortof. =)

Thus far, there's a lot of action at my table. Really nice starting hands are causing people to throw chips left and right. I remain content with my 3335 in chips for the moment. Stack average is hovering at 2800ish.

AK wasn't so nice to me this time around. With two callers, lost out to J10. Down to 2000 in chips which leads us in to the first break. Seems like every time the system announces a break is about to begin, that hand always get's me in trouble.

AK next hand in, sigh...here we go. Okay, I bet large to avoid the suck outs...picked up the blinds. 1485 players remaining. 50 pay out some form of prize. Long way to go.

And that's all she wrote...out in 1299th position. What does that pay? cough. Found myself in the small blind with no callers. Just me and the BB. I push with my j9 short stack, he calls with 33.

Mumble mumble...that was entirely anti climatic.

With that, off to grab some grub and return to the tables!


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I was busted out by 33 also. I was extremely shortstacked and pushed in with QJs, flop was AKQ. I was pleasantly suprised to find myself up against 33. Three on the river and I am out 222nd. I was really hoping to win one of those iPods. Oh well, next freeroll.

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