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Thursday, June 15, 2006 

Poker Stuff...

A Little Recap...
Wanted to just talk a little about last night's tournament.  Wasn't the most exciting tournament in the world, but I don't need them to be exciting as long as I finish in the cash. =)

Let me start out with the hand that knocked me out.  3 places paid out, and I found myself fairly short stacked through the duration of the tournament.  Aside from the one big stack, everyone else was fairly evenly short stacked as well.  Once the bubble made his grand exit, I look down and finally see a decent starting hand, AQ suited.  The whole premise of my game last night was to practice patience and make a move with premium hands.  I've played with these guys long enough to know that given time, they will eliminate each other leaving a path for success if I just play it cool.  And that's pretty much how it went down last night.  So, when AQ came along 3 handed, I pushed all in against the big stack.  He had me covered probably 5 to 1.  But I figured this was a great spot for me to increase my stack even if just to pick up the blinds.  Big stack calls me without hesitation.  Lovely.  What hand does he turn over? He shows Jack frickin' Jack!  I really didn't know if I should laugh or cry.  On one hand, at least I don't have the JJ this time, but on the other, JJ certainly out weighs AQ percentage wise.  But with two over cards, suited, I felt good.  So much for optimism.  I really need to work on that whole optimism thing...it's one thing to remain positive, it's another to live in reality.  So, needless to say, I lost the hand.  Nothing overly dramatic, but nothing improved my hand and I walked away with third place.

So, to Bloody P from the Hello Kitty Blog...yes, JJ did in fact show itself...not in my hand, but it still ended up busting me right in the balls!

Anyhoo...a win is a win.  So, happy I am.  Hopefully some of that mojo can manifest itself in to online success this evening.  More to follow on that front...

Celebrity Poker?
By the way, anyone catch Celebrity Poker lately?  Anybody beside me think Hellmuth has absolutely no presence as a color commentator?  Phil Gordon wasn't the best commentator in the world, but at least he had on screen chemistry of some sort.  Plus, I just respect Phil Gordon.  I'm not really trying to jump on the "I hate Phil Helmeuth" bandwagon.  In the end, the guy has done more with poker then most pro's will ever dream of doing...but he just seems like a fish out of water on this show...pardon the pun.

Had to get that off my chest.

Back to work...

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