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Wednesday, June 14, 2006 

I've got the Jack, Jack, Jack...

No News Is Bad News...
Would appear that I'm on a downward spiral and am in serious need of...inspiration?  I put that in the form of a question because quite frankly, I have no idea what the hell is going on.  Since my Sunday disaster involving pocket Jacks resulting in my demise 3 seperate times, I'm starting to wonder if psychologically, I'm setting myself up for failure.  This hand didn't help last night either:

Yeah, I know I played them horribly, yet again.  But my reasoning was, we're early in a tournament, the raiser only made a moderate raise.  Let's pop him back and see exactly where we stand.  I think my mistake here was raising as much as I did.  Having put that many chips on the line, when the original raiser comes back over the top all in, i only had 500 chips remaining and was overly invested in the pot.  So I made the call.  And naturally, as it turns out, I'm up against KK which leads to my very early elimination form this tournament.  I deserved to be knocked out for having such an overly optimistic mindset with JJ after the hard truths from Sunday.

So, the question is, how do you normally play pocket jacks?  Common sense, history, and several books dictate that I not invest too much value on JJ.  However, I welcome any additional feedback you may have.  Thoughts, comments, strategy?  Let me have it!


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Here's a thought: When you come over the top this early, either min-raise (total of 160 to go, I think, in this hand?), or do a real obvious 3X his bet (270 to go). Bet sizes like this might set off warning signals to him and make him overthink the hand - he may put you on AA.

The problem you sometimes run into is his re-re-raise - you really haven't played enough hands to get a read on him.

At this point, you're not pot-committed and can dump the hand if you wish. The majority of the time there's an all-in from here, he's got AA-QQ, or AK-AQ if he's a monkey. I think TT and lower, he just calls to see a flop. Obviously, you would dump JJ to the top 3 hands, and if you read AK-AQ you have to make a decision with regard to calling off all of your chips with a coin-flip this early.

Just an alternative way to play it. If you do have to lay it down, memorize everything you can about the hand and try to use it later if you're still at the same table, bet exactly the same way when you're stronger.

Disclaimer: I suck at poker. ;-)

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