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Friday, June 16, 2006 

Poker Conspiracy?

Okay, so...I believe it's official, somehow I have managed to
successfully piss off someone at PokerStars.com. Someone that has the
absolute ability to control space, time, flops and rivers. I suspect
this individual has less control over the turn, but I'm suspect.

3 tournaments last night-2 loses and one horrible cash finish.

Here's how my evening shaped up.

  • $20 180 person sng. I'm all in with AK preflop, one caller with AQ. Q on the flop, nothing improves my hand, i'm out.
  • $20 180 person sng. I'm doing extremely well in this tournament. I've doubled up several times with hands like AA, KK, and AK. 20 people left, 18 pay out. I'm on the button with 15k in chips. Small blind has 16k in chips. Everyone folds to me, I look down and see AA. I was extremely pleased especially being this close to the money. Blinds were 400/800. I raise to roughly 4k expecting a simple fold fold from the blinds. Mr. Small Blind decides to raise me back. He pops it to about 8k total. I'm thinking alright, perhaps a good pocket pair, AK perhaps, possibly even AA as well. But in the end, how do I get away from this hand? If I double up here, I'm in great position for a deep money finish. I push all in, he immediately calls. He shows KQ spades. What in the hell is this guy doing? Was he just trying to come over the top hoping I was bluffing? Anyway, I experience a quick flash of joy only to witness the flop come Spade, Spade, Spade. Turn was a rag. River brings an Ace. Okay, first of all, I realize I'm beat, and beat good. But the Ace on the river? Does this puppet master enjoy torturing people THAT much? Christ. I've been on tilt now for 12 hours and I'm not even playing poker.
  • $11 six handed MTT which has been going on in the background behind the above $20 sng. I finish in the cash but just barely. I'm still so enraged from the previous tournament's finish I'm basically on auto pilot for the remainder of this one. I can't even tell you how I busted out of this one.

So, to summarize my entire evening, I share with you the following hand:


After everything was said and done, that hand just made me laugh.

In Other News...

Received Stars newsletter this morning and a few items caught my eye.

Coming Soon...Resizable Tables and New Themes

Soon you will be able to resize your PokerStars table, view our games
with new "Theme" backgrounds and even save your personal favorite
layouts for later.

If you're the type of person who has to have the latest features and
gadgets before everyone else, you need PokerStars beta. See all our
upcoming features and use them before they are released on the main
site. This includes table resizing and themes. Click here to download our beta version now.

I'm very anxious for this one item to go public. I'm really tired of
the same look and feel on stars and this will be a welcomed change.
I've contemplated using a Mod to change things up, but didn't really
like the idea of downloading someone elses executable file to coincide
with my poker client in this fashion.

So, apparently "FossilMan" has the secret i've been missing. Forgot just how easy this was...

Ask "FossilMan" about the WSOP

Q. How can I win a seat to the World Series of Poker?

A. If you want to be sure you have a seat before you
go to Las Vegas, PokerStars is your best bet. In 2004, I won my seat in
a $160 double shootout. PokerStars also has satellites for almost every
bankroll, from Frequent Player Point buy-ins to the $650 Sunday super
satellite. Your absolute best chance to win a seat in the WSOP will
come on Sunday, July 16 when PokerStars will host the world's largest
WSOP qualifier. This tournament will send the top 150 finishers to the
WSOP, guaranteed. PokerStars satellites are fantastic because winning
one also gets you travel money and a free room in Las Vegas during the
main event.

If you want to try your hand in a live satellite in Las Vegas,
the Rio will be running satellites all the time. You can play $1,060
single table satellites to the main event. The Rio also spreads $225
super satellites twice a day in the weeks leading up to the main event.

Good luck. I'll see you in Vegas!

Ho hum, I'm going back to my cave to sit in the dark....


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Good luck bouncing back. Stars is evil by the way...

Sounds like the way I've been running going on 8 weeks now!

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