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Tuesday, June 20, 2006 

1st Place Finish...

It would appear as though the Poker Gods have smiled upon me and shed their grace upon thee.  I used a sacrificial yak this time.  Seems to work.

Took 1st place in a $20 180 person Multi Table Tournaments last night which paid $1,080.00.  Was quite the tournament.  I'm often preaching to minimize your distractions.  But last night, I was bound and determined to screw around with my blog template.  I ended up mucking it all to hell which allowed me to spend the duration of the evening fixing the code.  While doing this, I kept trucking along in this MTT.  Sometimes I think it's okay to have something to occupy your mind between hands.  Granted, it's a fine balance of taking on too much.  I'll be talking about this in more detail in an article I hope to be posting later today.

The tournament itself had me riding a few roller coasters, but in the end I just had better hands than my opponents more often than not.  I really took the time last night to study my surroundings, habits, etc.  Really worked well.  Made it in to the money with a good stack, not great.  Found myself in real need to make a move or accept a poor money showing.  The tournaments momentum swung in my direction when I decided to play my position aggressively against the BB.  He was a bit shorter stacked than I.  My hefty raised urged him to either fold or push the rest of his stack.  When he pushed back, I made a decision to call no matter what with my K9d.  He turned over 22.  I hit a 9 on the flop.  People questioned this play on my part.  So let me briefly explain my reasoning:

I'm the agreesor in late position with no other action.  The BB is the only one remaining with a decision.  I'm somewhat committed to the pot at this point with my good raise.  If he pushes back, I know that more than like it's close to 50/50 or I would be the underdog with his A bad kicker.  I liked my chances here and I figured this was a great spot to double my stack and make a play for a deep money finish.  With his raise back at me, I figured him for mid pocket pairs like 66, 77, 88.  My thinking paid off.  Yes, it was a good flop for me sending me to the final table with a strong chip count.

The final table really was a test of patience.  I was in a comfortable position to make several moves for the blinds allowing me to increase my lead.  People finally starting knocking each other out.  I finally ended up heads up severely short stacked.  I was looking at 30k in chips against, 170k in chips.  At this stage, my only hope is pure aggression.  Plus, I knew someone was looking down on me when the second hand in to the heads up challenge brings me a  steel wheel, hearts.  From that point on, I doubled up several times with better hands resulting in this final hand:

Last nights win certainly beefs up my bankroll which I will graciously accept.  I can now focus on the WSOP home stretch.  Vegas or bust, baby!

Good luck out there,

WSOP or Bust? I'll guess bust.

Here's hoping you can't guess worth a damn.

Great job!

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