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Tuesday, June 27, 2006 

Getting to Vegas...

Alright, so 2 day's in to the WSOP and I'm already stir crazy!  I realize real world responsibilities keep me here in wonderful Jacksonville, Fl, but damn if I don’t want to be in Vegas right now.  I have friends out there dealing, telling me about it already and it’s driving me nuts.  The solution?  Go to Vegas. 

At this stage, obviously I have not yet won my entry.  There’s time and I do have a plan to win that entry.  Like I was saying yesterday though, I better do it pretty damn quick.  However, as a backup plan, I have some pretty good information from the dealers out there how the satellite structures are working and the method one might take to getting that seat.  So, with that, I think I’m going to head out there preemptively for a long weekend and take part in a few satellites.  The trick will be minimal costs as I do not want to impact my current bankroll significantly.  There is still plenty of time to secure that seat online…but I think if I get out there and take a crack at the real deal in person, something will happen.  WSOP, Adam LaBare, World Series of Poker, Adam LaBare's Poker Blog

Going to work on securing that plan over the next few days.  More to follow.

Last night…
Nothing to really report from play last night other than I know remember why I hate limit live action.  I should have known better, but I sat down at the 3/6 last night and just took beat after beat.  Got off of those tables in a hurry and called it an early night.

I was playing in a $5 WSOP satellite to the $160 double shoot out later that evening.  I had sailed along fairly well and was getting close to the cut off but I was running low on chips.  Had I let the blinds hit me, I would have been depleted leaving me no room to move on anyone.  So, I’m first to act and I look down to KJ suited.  Not the hand I was hoping for, but it’s either now or never.  I move all in making a little difficult for anyone to call.  Everyone folds including the small blind.  But the big blind has me covered and for a minimal amount more, he makes the call.  I can’t fault him for making the call…but I can’t express joy with him showing 82 unsuited and hitting a 2 on the flop.  No help to me and I’m sent packing.  Such as life. 

Tonight’s Plan…
Do whatever I can to get in on the $160 DS while hitting any WSOP satellites I see.  Beyond that, I’m going to be plotting a brief stay in Vegas.  If anyone has a hookup on room rates or flights, lemme know!


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