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Wednesday, July 05, 2006 

Fuzzy Holiday, Final Table, and Suggested Blogs

4th of July?
Was there a holiday yesterday? Things are still somewhat fuzzy. Someone let me order a 32 ounce beer yesterday (Yuengling) at the winghouse, everything after that was a blur. I recall running amuck with a cube of wine as mortars fired nearby…but that’s just speculation. Seems like things always go dark when I’m near a cube of wine. Very odd phenomonom. Sigh…My previous post discussing "merlot in a box" still seems to be sound thinking...

Foggy Final Table...
Strangely enough, I made a final table last night as the rockets glared overhead. How patriotic of me…playing poker while most American’s are outside enjoying pretty lights. Finished 6th in a $20 MTT. I’ll take it. Although, I was really geared for a 1st place finish. Silly me for putting all my money in with QQ against KK.

And the Rockets Red Glare...
Before the beer and wine festivities, we made our way out to the beach. Was a perfect Florida beach day and we felt inclined to take advantage of it. Got my ass beat down in the surf. Waves were out of control yesterday. Was fun though. The highlight however was the shuttle launch. I have to laugh because several of my friends and family made the trip down to Cape Canaveral Saturday only to be disappointed with a launch delay. We were going to go down, but with the weather forecast I decided not to. A 2 ½ hour drive for nothing did not appeal to me. When the Sunday launch was also nixed, I felt we truly chose wisely in not going. Yesterday rolls around and while we’re laying out on the beach we notice that every person on the beach is standing and pointing in one direction as if they were merekats. Was quite the site. My wife and I forgot the launch was re-scheduled for a 2:40 liftoff. So, we were certainly in the right place at the right time. Granted, 150 miles separated us from the shuttle, but it was still very impressive to see.

Blogs I’m Reading…

Just wanted to mention of few blogs I stay current with. Highly recommended reading:

Life’s a Bluff

You have to check this out. The gang over at life’s a bluff has created a comic devoted to the world of poker. I’m hooked. Great writing mixed with a great artist makes for something special!

Big Slick Nuts!

BSN has a great blog and keeps me wanting to read more. Check it out if you haven’t already done so.

Gamblers Insight

Rod is back from hiatus (congrats again on the marriage) and is providing valuable insight on making a living through various means of gambling.

Life, The Universe, and Poker

Just started reading this one but Ohio Mike has got a great thing going. Check it out. Good stuff.

Tis all for now. Best of luck at the tables…

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