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Friday, June 30, 2006 

26+ SNG's? WTF!

Alright, looks like this has been floating around for a while now...but I just came across this today.  Frickin' insane.  This dude was accused by pokerstars of being a bot or something because he was playing 26+ sng's.  This guy turns on his video camera along with the Rocky soundtrack and sticks it right back to Stars proving he's doing all of this on one monitor. 

Now, I've done my share of numerous table play.  At most, I've probably had 8 going at one time on two monitors, but 26?  C'mon dude!  This guy claims he can win doing this...and if that's a true statement, MAJOR RESPECT!  Otherwise...cripes...just frickin' insane!

Props to g3Poker for posting this.  Read more here: http://g3poker.blogspot.com/

Or go directly to the google video:
The guy introduces himself to pokerstars
The 26SNG live session on 1 Monitor


Uh-oh, time for comments moderation... ;-)

I played Rainkhan many times when I was playing the higher buy-ins. He's for real all right. Plays turboes mostly, and rarely plays a hand until level 3-4. Easy to steal from him early, but you WILL be playing for your stack against him later. Lots of push and pray, and the frequency of his open raises increases as blinds increase - he uses people's fear on the bubble against them.

You can double up easily if you catch a hand in position against him, but you defintely won't see a flop cheap after level 3.

He may not be a bot, but he's definitely a machine.

hey adam,

Get a chance to check out Pacific Poker yet?
I CLEANED up on Friday night. Nice job on the tournament trail. Hope you enjoy the shuttle launch.

Stay in touch.


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