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Wednesday, July 12, 2006 

Gnomes on Stars...

So, while last night's play on Stars resulted in a big fat goose egg, the good news is that I found proof that gnomes do work somewhere deep inside the pokerstars client infrastructure. I offer you the following:

Me: AK suited
Him: AJ unsuited

I raise
He re-raises
I call

Flop: AJJ

I bet
He Raises
I say screw it and push all in
He calls

He shows AJ hitting his full house on the flop

Turn brings K
River Brings another K

Proof positive gnomes are responsible such antics on stars.

Last Nights Play...
Bit of a roller coaster last night obviously. I won an entry into the $160 WSOP Double Shootout. I was doing quite well on my first table only to find myself unable to recover from my QQ against AA. Also found myself doing extremely well in a satellite for Sunday's 150 WSOP seat tournament. In the end, nothing panned out.

Aside from busting someone in the eye, I plan on gaining an entry into Sunday's tournament. I'm viewing Sunday as my last hurrah before the big show. So, need to make everything count this week. No more screwing around. Not that I have been...but it's "go time".


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