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Saturday, July 08, 2006 

Seven Common Signs of Lying...

I came across this today while checking out digg.com.  While not a poker related article, I found the content to be quite useful.  Poker, Work, Marriage...whatever, but I found this to be quite interesting:

Thanks to sixwise.com for publishing this article.
Seven Common Signs of Lying

  1. No eye contact. Generally, if someone is lying
    they will not look you in the eye, at least during a certain
    part of the conversation. Normally, people make eye contact
    for at least half of a conversation, so anything less
    than this could be suspicious. One caveat: there are some
    people who will take great pains to make eye contact with
    you even if they're lying, simply to make you think they're

  2. Lie Detector Test

    You don't need a lie detector test to find out if
    someone's lying to you --just check out these seven
    signs of lying.

  3. Change in voice. A change in the pitch of a person's
    tone, or a lot of stammering (umm, ah), or throat clearing
    could indicate a lie.

  4. Unusual body language. If a person taps their
    foot a lot, fidgets with their hands, raises their shoulders,
    turns away from you or brings their hand to their face
    (to touch their chin or nose, etc.) -- in other words,
    if they act nervous or uncomfortable -- it could mean
    they're telling a lie. Also watch out for blushing (or
    becoming pale) and increased blinking.

  5. Something sounds fishy. Making statements that
    contradict each other, are inconsistent or don't sound
    quite right are usually part of a lie.

  6. Overly defensive. Sometimes when a person is
    lying they will become extremely defensive, refusing to
    answer any questions and even accusing you of lying. This
    may mean they have something to hide.

  7. Changes subject easily. If someone is lying and
    you change the subject, chances are high that they'll
    go right along with it. A person telling the truth, however,
    will likely ask why you changed the subject and want to
    go back to it.

  8. Humor or sarcasm. A guilty person will often
    try to change the subject using humor or sarcasm.

Of course, no one behavior can tell for sure whether or not
someone is telling the truth or lying. While you should trust
your instinct, if you're not sure it's best to try to get
some evidence to back up your accusation. Rather than relying
on a specific behavior, catching a liar in the act is best
done by watching their normal behaviors. When those behaviors
suddenly change, that's when a lie has likely been told.

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Thanks Honey! I will just refer to this journal entry when we have a questionable conversation! =)

Hmmm i've been researching how to tell if someone is lying and those things keep on showing up. No help whatsoever.

Not sure I understand how it is of no help. The information is available, but if you don't know how to interpret it...responsibility remains with you.

Maybe I'm missing your point though. =)

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