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Tuesday, July 25, 2006 

New Car...

So I bought a new car last night. Well, let me re-phrase. My wife and I bought a new car last night. It’s a great feeling to extract your poker winnings, walk in to a dealership and state “I’m paying cash and I want this car”. Or so I’m told. I wouldn’t know. Ended up financing the car for 832 months with a 48% rate. I think we got a good deal.

Okay, that wasn’t entirely true. But after everything is said and done, walked away with a new Mustang. I had been wanting to get back into an SUV for some time now and had every intention of doing so yesterday when we walked in. But the numbers were just not right. I’ve been driving a 2000 Mustang for the last 3 years…and while I enjoyed it starting out, it quickly became “just another car” when I screwed up my sound system royally. Hadn’t been the same since. Made the mistake of installing my new receiver only to be foiled by Fords version of amplified wiring. What a cluster fuck. I’d been installing radios in my cars since I was a teenager and never had such problems. Needless to say, I’m not screwing with this radio, that’s for damn sure.

I love this car though. I’ve admired the new Mustang body style since it first came to press a while back. It’s night and day compared to previous models. It’s a great blend of retro and new flare. Long story short, I love this thing!

Poker wise…
Didn’t play much at all last night. We sat in the dealership for over 4 hours…by the time I got home, felt like I just played in a two day event…and was mentally drained. Played a SnG, lost bad, went to bed.

Life lesson #48:
Don’t play poker after spending 4.5 hours purchasing a new car.

Perhaps tonight I’ll be able to get the ball rolling again. Anxious to sit down to a nice, warm, cozy MTT. More to follow…


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love your blog Adam.

wish I could find that resignation letter I sent you. I don't know why you would say I didn't give you one. Doesn't make sense.

Why would you hold a grudge over my resignation for two years?

Wish I knew why you thought I was holding the grudge...

As I explained to Human Resources... your last day worked was a Friday, you sent me an email Monday morning claiming you would not be returning to work. That equates to leaving your job without notification/abandonment. I only notify HR, I don't make the decisions as to how they file that.

Trust me Byron, I wish you well in the future. However, the way you decided to leave the company was less than professional. It was your doing, not mine.

Thanks for reading the blog though! =)

NICE CAR...I'm supremely jealous. I have 2 years to go on mini-van payments before I can get my mid-life crisis car like that. Well done. Enjoy the vacation.

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