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Monday, July 24, 2006 

Magilla Gorilla The Poo Slinger

As a blogger, I find myself obsessed with statistics and learning as much as possible about my visitors and trends.  Obviously, some postings of mine will be more popular and mainstream than others.  I understand that and accept that of course.  For instance, my articles on winning online tournaments have been extremely popular, but let me just ask a question…

How in the hell can my damn monkey posting be one of my most visited postings ever on this blog? 

I mean the sheer amount of visitors to this one post almost makes google ads worthwhile, lol.  Okay, that’s a stretch…but still.  I’m getting people searching via google on keyword phrases such as “monkeys having sex with bananas”, etc.  What in sams hell are you looking for monkeys having sex with banana’s for?  Christ!  “Monkeys flinging poop”…I might be able to understand, “Monkey Reproduction”, okay…your into biology/science, I get it…I can live with that…but “Monkey Sex with Banana’s”, unless your name is frickin’ Magilla Gorilla, you’re just sick.

So anyway…
Fairly anti-climatic weekend poker wise.  First weekend in a long while I did not participate in anything WSOP related.  Was somewhat refreshing actually.  I played in a one table satellite to the 1 million guarantee on Stars and won my entry on my first attempt.  Was like a moment of clarity.  Almost eerie.

Went into the big tourney Sunday with grand aspirations.  A small little voice way in the back of my head saying, make the final table, go to Vegas with the profits, take the wife on a GREAT vacation, etc.  But then reality hit me like a mack truck when my JJ faced AA early in the tournament.  I’ve wizened up a bit with Jacks and didn’t place my entire stack on the line.  But I did loose a large amount on that hand.  Next hour and a half I battled my way back to the tournament average and was very impressed with the amount of chips I recouped.  But just when I thought I was safe for a while…just got back from the second break.  Find myself on the BB with AK suited.  Everyone folds to me; I make a large raise, happy to just scoop the blinds.  SB folds, BB calls the raise.  Flop comes A J rag.  My thinking puts him on a mid pair or a weak A.  He pops out a small bet.  Smells fishy.  I pop back to get a better understanding.  He calls.  Turn brings another rag.  He checks, I push the rest of my stack which at this point wasn’t much.  He calls and shows JJ.  River no help.  I’m out.

I should have trusted my instinct with his fishy bet on the flop.  But with Top pair against the BB, I liked my chances.  JJ is just my curse I guess.  Same song and dance, different tournament. 

Played a little reckless after that and decided to call it a night.  Got bored and hit a few sng’s later on.  Went well.  Got to bed early.

One of these days, that damn Sunday tournament will treat me right…one of these days!

Good luck at the tables!

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