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Wednesday, July 19, 2006 

WSOP and Beyond!

Greetings and salutations and all the happy horse hoo haa…
So, today is Wednesday and I’ve somewhat secluded myself in a hole these past few days. Sunday’s loss was a tough pill to swallow. Be that as it may, life and poker must go on. I’m coming to terms with not being at the main event this year. I’m certainly not happy about it but I’m not going to let it affect my game and future plans.

Here’s the deal. To answer some of the questions I’ve been getting via email and whatnot. While this presents a bump in the road, it is not going to affect my long term goal. While my short term goal was certainly to obtain my seat to this years main event, this pales in comparison to my true intent. Long story short, I want to do whatever I have to do to make a name for myself and play in several large buy in tournaments. Be that circuit events, WPT, EPT, whatever. Point is, I want to make my way to several of these events over the next few months, do well, make the money, hit a final table, and ultimately a 1st place finish in a large tournament. I’ve accomplished portions of these straight forward goals, but I want to do it consistently.

Have I given up on this years WSOP?
I will never give up. However, time is not on my side. I made a promise to my wife a while back and stated that if I did not have my seat secured by July 16th, we would forgo Vegas this year and take a personal vacation that would afford us the ability to just relax, do nothing, no thinking, no stress, etc. With that being said, we’re heading to the mountains and renting a cabin for a good solid few days. No crowds, no deadlines, etc. Just fresh air and relaxation. Every vacation my wife and I have taken has always been crammed into a very specific amount of time. Our trips are always great, but when we get away, it’s rush rush rush. We have to fit everything into a small amount of time and usually end up in big cities like Vegas, NYC, Orlando, etc. We decided this time around to just do nothing but do it comfortably. We’ve rented a cabin from these guys: http://www.preserveresort.com. Pretty nice in my most humble opinion.

Will I be in Vegas at all?
As of writing this, the answer is no. I think I would rather not be there if I’m unable to play. Granted, I would have tried a satellite or two while out there, but I would just rather do it on my terms and not head out there with the stress of HAVING to win a satellite to make it in. I’ve been doing that for several months now. Time for a break.

Will I continue writing?
Hell yes. I will continue writing here as often as I can. I will certainly continue to document my poker experience and share whatever nuggets of wisdom that I can. I’ve received such great feedback and I really appreciate everyone that takes a moment each day to read. As long as people keep reading, I’ll keep writing. Keep an eye open, I may have a few things cooking that will further expose me to the masses, but we shall see. One thing at a time.

Will I turn pro?
I suppose the term “pro” is a state of mind in many ways. I’m going to answer this question with a simple statement I shared recently with my buddy Frank over at lifesabluff.com. “My wife won’t let me call myself a pro until I can afford to pay ALL the bills with my poker earnings”. As a result, some could deem me as a semi-professional. I manage the creation of websites by day, and play poker at night while keeping metropolis safe. As things currently stand, I keep my poker earnings separate from “real world” responsibility. I’ve toyed with the idea of deducting a certain percentage on a weekly or bi-weekly basis but have yet to pull that trigger. I plan to do so in the next two weeks and will expand upon that as my bankroll allows.

What’s my next step?
In looking beyond this year’s WSOP, there is plenty to occupy my mind. As I said earlier, I plan on hitting WPT events in the near future with a focus on other big ticket tournaments. With that intent, I do plan on securing a long term sponsorship of sorts. More on that as it comes to fruition. Over the next year, I simply plan on playing more tournaments, adding to my bankroll and gaining exposure. Time to kick this thing into high gear!

Keep the questions coming. I love answering them. Can always reach me at alabare@gmail.com.

With that, I’ll bring this to a close and wish everyone the very best of luck at this years WSOP Main Event.


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Hang in there Adam...my personal development track is not to focus on the WSOP anytime soon. I would much rather hit smaller circut events or other WPT events as opposed to the 8000 man event that the WSOP has become...sure, the reward is huge, but the odds are so stacked against any one player making it, no matter how they play. If you're interested in discussing further, drop me a line at mvilla at insight.rr.com.

Keep focused, my man. You've already done exceptional things.

I have decided to call myself a pro once I am able to pay for ALL of my nicotine and beer purchases.

Alas, I still have a ways to go.

Keep on keepin'on, yo.

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