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Monday, July 17, 2006 

The Seat That Never Was...

For those that have been following along, so much for optimism.  Yesterday’s big tournament amounted to 4 hours of time spent with 0.00 return.  I’m not really geared up for a long analyses just yet, but I’m taking it in stride.  As you probably know, yesterday was my cutoff day.  Without a seat secured, looks like I’m seeking open sponsorship…heh.  Anyone?  Anyone?

First hour of the tournament went extremely well.  I was prepared to just sit back and wait my turn, but the first hour brought several premium hands and people were tight as a bug.  So, used that to my advantage for a while.  Late in the second hour I doubled up with QQ.  Third hour I made a chunk with AJ diamonds.  After that, the well seemed to go dry.  Very few hands to screw around with.  Blinds started eating me away.  Finally got to a point of desperation and found A2 in the small blind.  UTG calls, everyone folds to me including the button.  I call.  BB checks.  Flop all rags.  Everyone checks.  Turn brings and A.  I make a small bet, BB folds, other guy calls.  River, no real help but not a dangerous card.  I try to make a move and push with my pair of Aces.  I’m really not sure why I did it.  I knew he had to have an A of his own.  He calls with A8 and I’m out of the tournament. 

That play was just entirely stupid on my part.  I was frustrated with my stack and was trying to make something out of nothing.  In the end, I self destructed.  Plain and simple.  Sucks major donkey dick mind you…but it is what it is.

Unless by some miracle a seat comes floating my way extremely soon, no Vegas for me.  I might sneak one more satellite in this evening, but we’ll see.  5 months on the same $100 investment is still pretty impressive considering what I have accomplished.  Through that $100, I’ve played in several Sunday big tournaments, countless WSOP satellites, SNG’s, etc.  After everything is said and done, I still have a fairly healthy bankroll and remain optimistic.  I may not get to Vegas this year, but that’s not to say I don’t have a lot on the horizon to look forward to.

Okay, enough of the optimistic bullshit.  I’m trying to be pissy, damnit!

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