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Friday, July 21, 2006 

PokerShare.com Sending a Chimp to the WSOP? WTF!

Okay...I don't have the energy at the moment to determine if this is a hoax or not...but, if a frickin' chimp can make it to the WSOP and I can't, perhaps I need to re-evaluate my own priorities and abilities....sigh.

Details here:

Watch Mikey at the WSOP!

Welcome to MonkeyShare.net, the home of Mikey the PokerShare Monkey. Things are getting hairy, we’re swinging poker to new heights, that’s
right, PokerShare.com has entered Mikey into the WSOP 2006 Main Event.

At PokerShare.com, we believe that any chump can win the Main Event, even
our Chimp! We’re sure Mikey can swing his way onto the final
table, but we understand the embarrassment you’ll all feel when
you get knocked out by our chimp! PokerShare.com is generously offering
a seat in the 2007 WSOP Main Event to anyone that gets knocked out by
our lovable chimp, Mikey, provided you agree to wear a monkey outfit!

Share in Mikey’s success at the WSOP!

Leave your name and email address to receive FREE updates on Mikey’s
progress and give him the support he needs to win the WSOP!

If he wins, Mikey wants to share his winnings with all of his fans and supporters, show your support and share in his success!

As well as beating his way to the top of the tree and talking about his
training for the WSOP, our banana loving chimp is trying to raise
awareness for animal education and preservation and will be holding a
press conference at 14:00 (Pacific Time) on Thursday 27th June at the
Palms Hotel, Las Vegas, NV. Come along, meet Mikey, play poker with him
and enjoy a FREE Banana Split or Cold Bananarama Vodka blended by Mikey

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