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Wednesday, July 26, 2006 

I Miss My Donkey and other Ramblings...

Poker was limited again last night.  Spent the better part of the evening installing Sirius Satellite Radio into the new car.  I’ve been a fan of Sirius for a long time now and didn’t hesitate to get it in the new ride.  Went fairly easy.  Decided not to dissect the factory radio and added on.  Ended up pretty nice.  The Sirius receiver resides very nicely in the middle of the console.  So far, so good.

On the poker front specifically, what little I did play last night did not turn out well at all.  Finished second in a 1 table SnG.  However, I had been sailing along in a 180 person tournament when my QQ all in was called by A9 off.  I’m not going to whine in excess…but we’re about 15 people away from the money.  My stack is average as is this guy with A9.  I was very surprised this guy called my preflop bet.  But that’s how it goes.  I’ll live to fight another day. 

After being knocked out of that, I took my ball and went home.  Was too late to start anything else productive. 

I Had a Dream…
What a frickin’ strange dream I had last night.  Yeah, I’m a dork, I dream about playing poker.  Go figure.  But this was weird.  I was in a huge tournament where the buyin must have been 10k.  Spent a few days weeding through the field and finally made it to the final table.  Few people were knocked out leaving 3 people fairly evenly stacked.  At this point, the tournament director gets involved and proclaims that at this stage, all of our names would be put in a hat and that he would choose one name.  Winner take all.  Prize money was 7 million.  I didn’t feel a need to dispute this action in the dream.  However, when they pulled another guy’s name and declared him the winner, I was SUPER PISSED.  I got extremely mad in the dream that I didn’t even think to negotiate a deal before the name was drawn.  For example, whomever is declared a winner, give 1 million each to the other two…etc.  Something to that affect.  I was seriously irate that I didn’t negotiate some sort of deal.

What does it all mean?  Who the hell knows.  It was odd that I was taking it so seriously in the dream especially being that I very rarely try to deal at a final table.  I recall being really hung up on the fact that I was so close to 7 million dollars and am walking away with nothing.  I was heartbroken in this dream.  I actually woke up in a pissy mood. 

I’m retarded.

On the Vacation Front…
We’re going up a day earlier.  I called the place yesterday just to confirm my reservations.  During this conversation, they very nicely offered me an extra day at half the cost.  We were like “hell yeah!”.  So, we’ll be leaving in the wee hours of the morning Saturday for the hills of Tennessee.  I hope the moonshine is all they make it out to be!

Stuff I’m Reading…

Every now and again I like to list a few of the blogs that I patron on a regular basis.  Least I can do.  Listed in no particular order.  Check these sites out:


Clerks II
9 out of 10 Stars

I forgot to mention this over the weekend…but if you haven’t done so, go see Clerks II.  This was the funniest movie I’ve seen in a LONG TIME!  Seriously, I laughed throughout the entire thing.  There’s one quote that continues to resonate in my mind, “I miss my donkey”. 
Go see the movie!

Okay…that’s enough for today.  May your first child be a masculine child!

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I'm needing to see this. Here's a funny interview where Kevin Smith and Joel Siegel faced off (Siegel walked out on the movie): http://www.viewaskew.com/kevin/joelsiegel.mp3

Smith rips Siegel a new one... ;-)

My god...that was hillarious. Good stuff. Appreciate the link. Kevin Smith is great. Wish more film makers faced their critics and called them out.

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