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Thursday, July 27, 2006 

Poo To Be Flung At Phil Hellmuth?

Not a whole lot to report today.  Apparently I suck at poker though.  So, that’s good to know.  Played in a local tournament last night and was waiting patiently.  Ended up getting mixed up with my 1010 against AK who in turn hit an A on the flop.  That hurt a wee bit.  Stack continued to dwindle some.  Then found myself with AJ suited.  Made a good raise pre flop.  One guy calls.  And before I play this out…have you ever been to a game where one kid brings his father who you can tell has never played before but is trying to make up for lost years avoiding by spending as much time with his awkward son that he can?  Probably has a few years left in him and is wanting to make up for all the lost time when his kid was growing up.  Probably out boozing and spending money on whores while his wife stays at home wiping the snot off of this kids nose as a back street boys song plays in the background.  Anyway, this is the type of old guy that simply plays any A as if it were AK.  So, my AJ spades bumps it preflop.  He calls.  Flop comes 248 clubs.  I’m first to act.  I make a play at the pot.  Call it a bluff, call it stupidity, whatever.  All my chips go in.  He insta-calls and turns over A7 clubs for the nut flush.  I get up and simply say “that’s how it goes”, while mumbling “you fucking old donkey whore loving moron”.  In the end, I can’t really blame the guy.  I remember the day’s when any suited A looked appealing.  I just have a hard time reasoning how he could call a 2k raise pre-flop with blinds at 200-400.  I need a vacation.  One more day, one more day….sigh.

After that debacle, got home and played small $12 SnG.  Placed second.  Woo hoo.  Called it a night.

Funny little story while I was at that tournament last night.  Since I’m still getting an amazing amount of traffic on this damn pokershare.net Monkey Business, here you go:

Apparently when you have an affiliate code for various poker sites, you can go around to all the home games and tell everyone you work for that site, heh.  This guy last night is spouting off about pokershare.net and the fact that they’re sending a chimpanzee to the WSOP.  I respond by saying, yeah…got that email a week ago, funny stuff.  He goes on to say how “we” as in pokershare.net have spent the last year training this chimp how to handle chips and discard cards, etc.  Apparently, they’re really bringing this damn monkey out there and sitting him at a table.  From what I understand, they’re going to remove the monkey as soon as he has an “episode”.  And the way this guy said it, I really envisioned this damn thing flinging poo at Hellmuth, which would be glorious. 

Anyway, the training provided to this monkey dictates that he really only has two moves.  Either match the chips in the pot, or push his whole stack in.  Also, should the chimp knock you out, pokershare.net will pay your entry into next years main event.  Part of me thinks, if you’re beat by a monkey, you don’t deserve to be playing next year…but that’s because I’m bitter.  Otherwise, I think it’s cool of pokershare to do that.  And being that the rules do not state anything about non humans playing in the event, how much do you want to bet next year will bring a rule revision?  I still find it hard to believe Harrahs will allow this to take place.  While funny, and I’m sure great for ESPN, it will hurt the game.  Whatever…

Anyway, I’m going to get some real work done.

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If you read my new post at Gamblers Insight, you will see the monkey has a shot.

I got KILLED by 2 monkeys/donkeys whatever.


Hang in there.


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