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Sunday, October 01, 2006 

Made It In One Piece!

I tell you what...Tunica is not what I figured it to be. Granted, haven't seen much of it...but having spent a lot of time in Biloxi...didn't have any great expectations. Not that Biloxi was bad...I love Biloxi. But the casino's were small, and poker wise, often very cramped.

Upon arriving here in Tunica, The Grand's property is probably the biggest hotel property I've ever seen. Certainly not what I was expecting. There's not a "strip" here as you would be accustom to in Vegas or any other gambling mecas. But the Grand has it's own highway leading to the property. Kinda cool.

So I arrived before check in and my room wasn't available. I'm tired, dirty, and cranky. Luckily, good friend of mine is out here dealing. By coincidence, we're in the same hotel. Gave him a quick call and he let me lounge in his room to get a quick pit stop.

From there, took the shuttle to the main hotel/casino. Really reminds me of a larger Grand Biloxi casino...kindof on steroids. Everything seems very nicely spaced out. Went upstairs to check out the poker. Nice tables...at first glance...maybe 80 tables? Not sure.

While I was waiting for my room, decided to sit down to a $60 one table satellite. They start you out with $500 in chips. Not much. Tried to be patient....lost half my stack on a draw. Wanted to either strike first or get the hell out of dodge. At this point, just in a cranky mood. Missed my draw. Next hand, I push all in, one caller, I hit the flop. Get's just about back to even.

Two hands later, im on the BB and am dealt AQ suited. Everyone folds to the player to my right. He makes a raise 4x the BB which appears to be a steal. I say screw it and go all in. Blinds fold. He thinks, and calls like he has to. I turn over my AQ, he turns over K5 hearts. Ummm. Okay. My friends have been telling me these local yocols are loose, but cmon! I was fairly happy to see his hand until the flop came. KJ5. What the flying pig donkey! For a split second I was hopeful for my straight draw, then he turns another 5. That's that.

I need sleep.

At least it was just $60 but if that's a sign of things to come...preparing mentally now.

Okay all...lights out at 3 in the afternoon. More later. Next post will be more coherant and I'll even use spellchecker.


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