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Monday, September 04, 2006 

PokerXtreme, Bodog, and Steve Irwin...

Xtreme Update...
Alright...time to get back to business and get my blog back in order.
Yeah...lot's of stuff going on over at pokerxtreme.com...but now that
we're launched for the most part, I'm going to be back to my normal
blogging self. Now that we are live and off to a good start, the
intent is not to over saturate this area with pokerxtreme this,
pokerxtreme that....but, it is now part of my day to day
activities...so, the thinking is that it might be semi-interesting to
blog about the upkeep of a poker related community. Whether it actually is
interesting, I'll leave that up to my readers. Feel free to leave a
comment and let me know.

So, my heads been so far up this site's ass, I've had little time to
play poker. However, this weekend has allowed me to get back into a
semi groove. I've decided to relax this weekend and not market the
site hard core. After weeks of non stop work, I needed this weekend to

Half-Assed Bodog.com Review...
After a bunch of family stuff and various random household chores, I
was finally able to get online last night and play some frickin'
poker. Unfortunately, I've gone belly up at pokerstars which has been
a hard pill to swallow. I've just become so accustom to stars, that
playing anywhere else just seems alien. However, this brings me to one
of the main reasons I felt inspired to blog this evening. This weekend
has afforded me my first chance to truly give bodog.com a fair chance.
And I must say, I am pleasantly surprised. Actually, very surprised.

I'm sure many have covered long lists of features and various pro's and con's...so I'll just stick to my own thoughts here.

After the adjustment period to various options and settings, I quickly
found that I was enjoying my sessions here. A funny little side note.
I accidentally joined a pot limit SnG which absolutely nobody wanted to
join, and for the life of me, I couldn't figure out how to opt out of
the tournament and refund my buy-in. Stars has a "un-register" option
for dummy's like me. After searching hi and low, I finally decided to
write bodogs support and request assistance. Their response? Click
the X at the top of the window. It was at this point that I realized
I've been dedicated to stars WAY too long. Granted, I still love
stars...but I think i'm starting to like exploring other options.

So, overall, the play has been interesting. I started the weekend with
bodog at $100. I'm up to $220. Not a monumental score, but the action
has been very much geared to my game play. I've played a few SnG's
along with a few smaller MTT's. Thus far, I've cashed in all but one
of the MTT's and have hit the money is 4 out of 6 SnG's.

I purposely started with lower stakes to get a feel for what I'm up
against. I'm in the process of upping it up a notch. Currently
playing in a $30 MTT. So far, so good. Got a way's to go.

Graphics are clean. The table options are cool. The picture in
picture approach is interesting. I can see using this in the future.
However, I like to associate player graphics with their game play.
When you have the smaller pic in pic...it's hard to keep that
mentality. We'll see. The betting options are okay I guess. However,
when you're not all in, or betting the pot, getting the betting slider
where you want it is kind of a pain in the ass. Overall though, I do
like the table layouts, color options, etc. I like the ability to
upload your own image and create a profile of sorts. It's a very clean
interface. I especially liked the ease of finding tournaments to suit
your needs. I actually found it a little easier than pokerstars. I'll
always love stars for the sheer amount of tournament options it puts
out there...but sorting through everything can be tedious. Bodog just
seemed to be more organized. That may be due to less tournament
options, but we shall see. One thing I would like to see more poker
rooms incorporate is the ability to sort with more than one options.
For example, sorting by buying, and status would make my life so much
easier. I think I've seen this on other sites, but I have no idea
which. Long story short, I would love to sort my tournament options
similar to how Microsoft excel functions.

Last but not least, the players I've come across thus far are loose,
and friendly. A strange combination. The play really reminds me
action circa 2002 at stars. The tournament fields are more realistic
and not a lottery. Every tournament at stars is incredibly high.
Hence why I really like the 180 person max tourneys. However, being in
fields of 150-250 players with normal buyins is a welcome change.

All in all, high praise for bodog. A very welcome surprise. Makes me
wonder what else I'm missing. Some day there WILL be a poker room that
incorporates ALL of the pro's and really limits the cons. Any
investors out there? =)

Steve Irwin...

I'm sure by the time everyone reads my little blog here, all will be
well aware of the circumstances around Steve Irwin's death earlier
today. Obviously not a poker topic, but this really sucked to hear
about. My wife and I were huge Crocodile Hunter fans and this really
took us by surprise. My dad this morning was calling at 7a.m. to share
the news. I woke up to the call and picked up the phone and asked "who
died". When he told me the story, I obviously felt like shit. But
part of me thought there was some joke coming at the end of the story.
Sadly it never came. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family and

Few years ago I actually dressed up as the Crocodile Hunter for a
Halloween party. I'm lame, i realize. But you know you want to see
those pics. Maybe later this week, heh.

Alright, that's enough for now. Need to go spread the word on myspace.com about pokerxtreme.com, heh.

Best of luck at the tables!

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