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Monday, August 14, 2006 

Poker, Projects, and World Trade Center

Rode the proverbial poker roller coaster this weekend.  Didn’t play much at all Saturday.  Spent the day floating down a river on a tube.  Was fairly relaxing and a good day overall.  The Florida sun apparently is mad at me though which has resulted in the fine burning of my skin.  Sigh.

Got to play a chunk on Sunday.  Was doing pretty well on 6 person SnG’s.  Got back to even and decided to donk it all away on a $38 table.  Amazing how cards can be going one way, change your buy-in, and BAM…like night and day.  I would normally consider the fact that I’m playing with a different type of player…but in this case, that was not the scenario.  These people were idiots too.  I just couldn’t hit a flop worth a damn and my stealing backfired on several occasion.  Oh well…today is a new day.

Side Project…

I’m hoping to gain some momentum on this today.  I had grand aspirations for progress over the weekend, but that did not work out as planned.  For those curious as to what I’m working on.  I’m not going to shed a whole lot of light just yet.  However, I will say that I have quite a few different poker domains that I have tinkered with on and off for the last couple of years.  I did some brainstorming last week on how I can re-ignite a flame on one of these sites and came up with an entirely different model that may be of interest to those in the poker community.  Long story short, I’ve not really seen this done to the extent that I am able to bring forth.  Will it catch on?  Who knows.  I would like to think so.  We shall soon find out.

Movie Review Time…

World Trade Center
8 out of 10 stars

Okay…I’ve not really prepared any sort of internal monologue for this movie review therefore I will be writing this from the hip so to speak.  First things first, I did NOT want to see this movie.  I refused to see Flight 93.  I felt it was just too soon to be subjecting this tragedy to the scrutiny of Hollywood.  Plus, as a red blooded American, this was clearly the worst tragedy I’ve ever been subjected too in my short life.  I was a kid when the shuttle exploded, various skirmishes over seas with other countries never really hit home, etc.  But this was the first real world event of my adult life that shook me to my very foundation.  I remember the events like they happened just yesterday.  They disturbed me, they angered me, they saddened me.  I wept.

So, subjecting myself to the re-telling of these stories was not something I wanted to endure.  I lived through it once.  Why on earth would I want to do it again? 

You need to see this movie. 

While not the greatest movie ever made; I do believe it is an extremely important story.  I’ll sum it up like this:  For 5 years we’ve heard nothing but horror stories involving the lives lost and the families that have suffered as a result.  We’ve heard about the horrible war being fought over seas with more senseless death.  However, this story is not about death.  It is about survival.  This movie centered on the Port Authority Police Department in NYC and the courageous job they did.  Sure, plenty of death in this movie.  But, the story around the two main characters in this movie was inspiring and a story worth telling.  For those expecting Oliver Stone to take some strange approach to the whole thing, worry not.  Oliver Stone tells this story with dignity and respect. 

I recommend this movie, highly.

On that note, I’m going to sign off.  Lots to do today.  Good luck everyone.

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If the tube is big enough and the water deep enough, you should hang underneath the tube. Hook your feet inside the tube and hold on with your arms. Then, only your head and arms are exposed to the sun. It's cooler too.

Tubing in Fla? What about gators?

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