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Monday, August 28, 2006 

On Tilt...

Okay…so I’m not sure if my head is necessarily above water just yet.  However, there is a light at the end of the tunnel.  Although, that might be a train.  We shall see.

Here’s the latest.
I’m pretty much done with the backbone on the site I’ve been talking about.  We’ve been testing it over the weekend and feel pretty good about it.  No major bumps, so that’s a good thing.  Throughout the day, I’ll be securing certain areas and getting it ready for the masses so to speak.  As soon as I get that accomplished, I’ll be posting a link here.  Good feedback thus far, so I’m very excited.

On the poker front…
Didn’t play much Friday and Saturday…but did get a good chunk in yesterday.  I was intent on getting in the $500 MTT on stars via satellites…but that didn’t pan out.  I ended up a little scattered brained later on in the day.  It’s sad when McDonalds and a renegade hair dresser can put you on tilt.  I was doing great with SnG’s and what not…left to go grab a bite to eat.  Decided to get a quick haircut.  Apparently this “hair dresser” was out the day when teaching the use of clippers.  Sigh.  I miss my barber.  From there, went through the drive through and was asked to pull forward since they had to cook fresh McNuggets.  Frickin’ 10 minutes later I’m still sitting there with my thumb up my ass.  I go inside to which I’m greeted with an “oh…we forgot about you”.  I was livid.  I get my food, leave…only to realize they forgot the BBQ sauce!  AAAARGH.  So…now I fucking have a Slingblade looking haircut and I’m without BBQ sauce…needless to say, it took a while to cool off upon returning home. 

Once things calmed down in my noggin’, I got on a pretty good roll with SnG’s…ended up plus for the day and went to bed early.  Although, upon waking up this morning…I realize I still have a slingblade looking haircut.  Sigh.

On that note…more to follow.  Hopefully I’ll have some good news on the site later today.


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