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Tuesday, August 29, 2006 

Launching PokerXtreme.com

Today’s the day…
Please check out PokerXtreme.com.

While this remains a “work in progress”, I believe we’re at a stage where it’s time to open this up to the masses.  Registration is entirely free as we build our user base.  Semi-Pro’s and Professional poker players are strongly encouraged to get on board early as you will have the ability to provide your services to the masses first. 

What exactly is PokerXtreme.com?  Good question.  Let me sum it up like this:
Imagine a cross between rec.gambling.poker, myspace, and match.com. Combine the three and you have PokerXtreme.com

We’re biting off quite a large chunk here…but I have faith that this will appeal to poker enthusiasts.  In the end, it’s been really fun developing this site and I only hope to continue adding on.  We have a lot of functionality in store for the site and entirely believe our members will be thrilled. 

Anyhoo, check us out and let me know your thoughts, questions, or concerns.  I thoroughly believe the success of this site will be dependant on the feedback form members and the actions we take as a result.  This will be a site for the players, by the players.  Yes, sounds cliché, but that’s what I envision.

Thanks all!

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Adam - love the new site. Two things, however.

1. On your main page, it shows that I am a 25 year old male. I'm only 23, and I put the correct year of birth in my profile (1982).

2. I am not sure how long adsense is going to let you run their ads on your blog and your new site. I was just contacted by them about Hold Em Authority a couple months ago and they told me to remove my ads because my site was considered a gambling site.

Whether they will do that or not with your site, I have no idea, but I just thought I would let you know that it is a possibility.

Again, fantastic idea for the new site - I hope you have much success with it! Obviously, I'll be pimpin' it on Hold Em Authority!

Many thanks my friend! Yeah...the damn birthday thing is pissing me off. lol. I'm working on it though. In the meantime, you've lost two years...you can blame the sex, drugs and rock and roll until I fix the bug.

As for adsense...I'm only semi worried about that. I don't see the same revenue with it these days. I'm going to be trying different things. I want to have some means of revenue, but I want to do it tastefully and inobtrusive.

Really appreciate the feedback.

Joe, lemme know if you see the problem continue. I worked in a fix this morning and want to make sure it's functioning.

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