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Tuesday, September 12, 2006 

A Good Night...

Had a decent evening over on Bodog.com
Here’s how things shaped up.

Played 2 SnG’s in preparation for the 8:30 25k guarantee. Finished 1st in both which adequately funded the MTT. I was hesitant to take part in a $30 rebuy and add-on event as I much prefer freezout formats. However, after the SnG’s I was feeling good and gave it a whirl. I’ve had a good amount of success in these nightly tournament and wanted to keep the ball rolling.

First Hour…
Bought in for $30. Received 1000 in tournament chips.
Doubled up somewhat quickly (20 minutes in).
Doubled up again right before first break which allowed me the comfort of not having to re-buy during the first hour.
Added on one time for an additional $30. Add on provided 2k in tournament chips.
Sitting with 7k in chps.

Second Hour…
Took a pretty hard hit. Got a little aggressive with a quality starting hand but missed every way possible way on the flop and turn against an eager opponent. Tried to bluff the pot after the turn to no avail which left me short stacked.
Battled hard to survive and was met with good fortune when I found AA in the hole. Raise ahead of me, I push all in, small blind calls along with the original raiser. Trippled up with AA in the small blind against 99 and JJ.
Sitting just above average at 2nd break.

Third Hour…
After the 3rd break I find myself in the money with 38 places paying. However, I’m short stacked and need to make a move. Next pay increase at the 27th spot.
I survive barely with a very depleted stack but practice patience waiting on a double up hand. Big blind coming my way which is only about a ¼ of my stack. Time to make a move. Luckily I time it out where I squeek into the next pay grade. Make my move with suited connectors. One caller. His A high wins as nothing improves my hand.

Finished up 27th. Second level into the money...not horrible.
I’m determined to make a final table in this tournament. Bodog is fronting a good chunk of change for this tournament as I have not yet seen where the guarantee has been met by the player’s buy-ins. First place pays over 6k with 2nd and 3rd also providing a nice chunk.

Current Bankroll:
Bodog: $440
Titan: $150
PokerStars: $15

Total: $605

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