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Monday, November 06, 2006 

Bad Run...

Hello all...
To those wondering what the hell is going on with me...worry not, I'm
not yet dead! Truth is, I've been stuck in the middle of a horrible
run. And when runs such as these hit, I tend to crawl in a hole and
wait for it to pass. As a result, I tend to stay away from all things
poker. Every few days though, I'll check in with the poker gods and
they seem to be determined to keep the rain cloud over my head.

No real bad beats or dead cards. I keep getting my money in with the
best hand...but unfortunately, bad luck keeps getting in the way. I'm
strangely not very upset about it...just annoyed. When swings like
this present themselves, I have a bad habit of trying to bully my way
through which results in larger loss. So, just practicing what I
preach and taking a breather if you will.

With that being said, suppose I can screw around with my gnome warlock in the meantime...sigh.

Good luck everyone!

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Yeah, so, it sounds like a good time for a game... ;-)

Found this by accident. Great to read you!

Lon aka. crazyman


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