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Monday, October 02, 2006 


Found internet connectivity...going to post my ramblings from the last few hours...

11:20am. 40 minutes until game time. I’m a little perplexed at the moment. There’s no one here. I realize I’m a little early, but generally the place would be swamped. Ton of tables set up. I checked in with the registration desk to see how many entrents are signed up thus far. I must have mis understood. I think she said 101. That just can’t be possible. Maybe she said 1001. Hmm. We shall see.

Ate breakfast at the Grand Buffet. Nothing special. Not sitting very well. One thing I will say about The Grand, their staff is very friendly. Everyone is eager to greet you. From the cleaning crew to the security, everone has a smile. Not used to that.

As I was walking into the casino this morning, walked by Barry Greenstein. So much for no big names. It’s funny to watch everyone scramble to get a photo or autograph. While While it’s certainly cool to meet and greet poker phenoms, Im just not that impressed with “poker celebrities”. I guess it’s a psychological thing. I figure if I act like everyone else and am blown away by their success, I’m setting myself up for not obtaining those same objectives. Does that make sense?

30 minutes and counting. Listening to my ipod. I enjoy listening to good music before tournaments. Certain songs help me prepare. It’s funny how certain songs can be associated with previous poker successes. In times past, I’ve often listened to music while playing online. When I’ve hit big…the songs playing during that tournament just tend to stand out. Going to listen to my favorite pre game song and head over to my table. Metallica-One. If this song doesn’t get your blood pumping, you’re a corpse.

Starting out at table #54 seat #7.

Just called my sister to wish her a happy birth-day. Happy birthday sis!

Okay, enough random banter. I’m off to the table.


First level was uneventfull which is probably a good thing. Barry Greestein was assigned to my table. He took a horrible beat with a PP against a guy who sucked out with a set on the river. Put him in tough position. Same guy ended up busting him at the end of the level.

Chips wise, I’ve won a few small hands. Sitting with just over my starting chips. About 10400.

Back to work.


Two more levels in the can. Not a whole lot going on with my stack. Had one opportunity to capitalize on AA. Been so long since I’ve seen them…was in a state of shock. Guy called it down to the river. Figured he hit a runner runner heart flush. He only had a pair of jacks. So…that worked out.

Few hands later, I came out with a raise w/ 77 under the gun. Had two callers, Flop brings junk, I continue betting and scoop the pot. Sitting with 12500 in chips. Next round introduces and ante. Should start to heat up. I have plenty of breathing room…but would much prefer to double up soon.


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