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Friday, October 13, 2006 

Major Suckage!

So, as much as I like to tell myself I’m a decent player…the fact remains I am still very susceptible to extremely bad play…

I was having a fairly decent day yesterday on Bodog.com.  Snuck a few SnG’s in earlier in the day and was prepared for a good evening session.  I made the decision to bypass the 25k guarantee tourney and instead, focus on the $15 re-buy multi qualifier event.  I’ve been hearing good things about this tournament and wanted to check it out.  For the most part, glad I did.  I found the field very loose.  However, I was not happy that the format was shorthanded to such an extreme.  The tables were set at 5 handed for the duration.  I adjusted accordingly, but Bodog made no mention in the tournament details that it would be set up as such.  At least I didn’t see anything regarding it. 

My first table was very good to me during the re-buy session.  I sat down and re-bought right away.  If I mess with a re-buy tournament, I prefer to have the maximum amount starting off to combat the donks that are prepared to re-buy 18 times in that first hour.  I played a tight game the first hour and slowly built my stack.  We had one ATM machine on that table which benefited all others.  Once the add-on came and went, got down to business.  I continued to build my stack up to 20k over the next hour.  Things were going very well.  4 Places paid in this event.  Two breaks later and I’m still doing fantastic.  11 players left.  At this stage, I normally assess my situation, assess those I’m sitting with, stack size, player image, etc. and determine exactly what I must do to make the money.  I failed to adhere to this line of thinking which resulted in a meltdown a few hands into the level.  I became enchanted with a suited AQ against a small blind protecting his stake.  I raised in position with my AQ, he calls.  Flop brings absolutely no help to me.  536 rainbow.  In this situation I usually put out a decent bet having position…but always fear the blinds are likely to hit a flop like this.  So, I put my feeler out there.  He calls.  Turn brings another brick.  At this point I believe I can outplay him and test the theory.  I have him covered by 2k in chips.  I push all my chips.  He takes some time and thinks.  He calls and shows a 67. 

At this stage, there were 9 players left in the tournament yet I didn’t know that until after I lost the hand.  I was on auto-pilot for some reason and did not take all factors into consideration.  I am kicking myself in the ass today big time.  The next few hands were uneventful but I ended up busting out 7th.  Just no excuse for that.  I had a virtual lock and mucked it up all to hell.

So…with that off my chest…today’s a new day.  I will turn it around and move forward. 

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