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Wednesday, October 04, 2006 

Silenced by 33's

Sorry for the lack of updates. My network went screwy on my laptop and I have been unable to connect.

So here’s the deal…I busted at the end of level 7. Blinds were eating me alive and I had 12k in chips left. I’m on the button and am dealt QQ. Everyone folds to me, I raise it up 4x the BB roughly, somewhere around 3500. Small blind pops me back which is fine by me. I was hoping he thought I was just trying to steal blinds and antes. I push the rest of my stack and am psyched to see him turn over 33. Flop brings a 3 and no further help to me. My tournament is over.

Sure, that’s how it goes. I understand “that’s poker”. But I’m really letting this one bother me for some reason. After an entire day, 12+ hours…I played a great game. I didn’t do anything stupid. I waited for opportunity and maximized that opportunity. To finally leave the tournament against 33? I have no further words.

Needless to say, the trip back home was long. I’m pleased with my play overall so I will try to remain focused on that. Hopefully I can get back up on the bike quickly.

Wait... In a LIVe tourney, some donk idiot RE-raises you with 3's?

Sounds like online?!!

WTF is wrong with these morons?
How the hell do they get this far?

Seriously...total BS man.

You played correctly, the donk just got lucky.

nh sir.

Thanks rage.

Donkey's will be everwhere you go. As long as 18 year olds have daddy's bankroll to play with...or have the good fortune to buy in for $60 in a satellite before the main event...it'll always be like this.

I think the only real reason I'm so bitter about this one hand, is that this guy didn't have a commanding stack. He had me covered, but not by much. If i put any logic behind the analysis, I have to figure he thought I was stealing and simply wanted to make a play to defend his small blind. But if I take that a step further...he had to know that with my raise, I was commited and would not fold at any cost. He wanted to see a flop which is what really boggles my mind.

Anyway...I live to fight another day.

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Bah, horrible luck. What can you say, for some people, an all in is like honey-on-suguar-on-a popsicle to a beehive. They just can't pass it up if they have ANY kind of a hand. Looks like you ran into it with the 3s and at your satellite table (where I would think you would see if more often). Still time to rumble out to LA. I leave in the morning!


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