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Thursday, November 09, 2006 

I'm back...

Past few weeks have been tough.  I've made absolutely no money through my normal means on both Bodog and Stars.  Usually when I hit a dry spell, I have sporadic moments of hope which keep me actively engaged.  Last week, 2 weeks into my poor showing, I made the decision to step back, take a break and just relax.  Spent a good amount of time wasting my life in WoW.  Brings back fond memories of Norrath.  Call me a geek, I don't care.

Anyway...Tuesday I spent some time answering a question in regards to bankroll building and management.  While the intent was to help others, the article ended up helping me tremendously.  While I only went into so much detail, it allowed me to step back, re-asses and determine next steps.  While it was absolutely necessary for me to step away from the tables last week which probably saved me a lot of money...writing my thoughts Tuesday really allowed me to get back to basics.  With that in mind, decided to take my own advice and make a run on Stars last night.  I made a whopping $25 deposit.  Haven't really had any money on Stars in a few months so I didn't really want to put a large lump over there.  Started with a $13 6 person SnG.  Took 1st place.  Applied those winnings to a $20 180 person MTT.  Finished 4th.  Went to bed.  This now gets me back in the game. 

Cashing last night deep was a big boost for the confidence factor.  While it's one thing to stay technical during a downswing while maintaining a positive attitude, it only goes so far.  In the real world of an aspiring poker professional, long down swings can really impact your self esteem and morale.  It hinders your judgment, it affects those around you, it affects your home life, etc.  You can remind yourself not to take it so personal, but seriously, it just doesn't work like that.  Self discipline away from the poker table during a drought can be extremely hard as I'm sure my wife can attest to.  However, I do think that having something else to focus on aside from poker during a bad run is important, whether that be home, work, xbox, warcraft, whatever.  While many call poker a job and or hobby...having something else to fill the void when running bad does wonders.

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Hope your doing better there Adam...

I was thinking about doing the 'move up a level when you win down a level when you lose' last night. I play mainly the turbos on stars and have recently graduated myself to the $15 Although I played some 25's last night and did pretty well. After reading your blog talking about the same thing, it is a sign.

By the way, those papers are still not marked.

Best of luck

PS Check out my blog, I think you'd like it.

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