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Monday, April 16, 2007 

Breaking News

Press Release
4/16/2007 10:04 am
Jacksonville, Fl
Adam from the now famous Team Medallion has crashed and burned!

"Had a horrible run on sits and have depleted my funds." States Adam LaBare at a shocking new conference in sunny Jacksonville, Florida. "Wasn't even a matter of tilt." He continues. "I won't kill you with the details...but man alive, what a brutal 3 sits. I made an idiot move in increasing each follow up SnG buy-in in hopes of extracting back my loss".

One joker in the crowd had this to say, "Just wasn't in the cards".

Mr. LaBare was later found beating said joker to a bloody pulp.

When this reporter asked Mr. LaBare what was next in his poker career, Adam responded with a full on roundhouse kick to an unsuspecting cat.

This is a sad day in the poker community. We will all mourn the loss of Adam LaBare.

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Wait, what?

Are you busto online?

I hope not.

I'd MUCH rather cut my dink up with a pair of hair shears than go busto.

More info, please.


Man, that must have been one crazy press conference! What's going on Adam? Beating up reporters? Going Chuck Norris crazy on a cat? Hit me up...

Dude, I just saw your comment on my blog. I plan to jump back into it soon. Basically took a long break since clearing my stars bonus, but started back playing last week.

Anyway, now my turn to ask - Where'd you go?

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